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Events / Activities at CnT in most cases are spontaneous exercises. Less of planning and more of impulsive interactions, resulting in many everlasting memories. CnTians when meet after many years still get nostalgic and talk hours about all the fun they had while working here.

'Katte' is a word in Kannada, meaning an informal gathering place. 'CnT Katte' is a forum formed at CnT that aims to create a wider platform for the exchange of ideas. Once every two months, thinkers from beyond the boundaries of CnT are invited to share their work and thoughts on various fields. Based on the philosophy "all of us are smarter than any one of us", CnT's work culture already incorporates a set of inward oriented forums that seek to tap into the collective intelligence of the entire practice.The CnT Katte seeks to expand this initiative to extend beyond the boundaries of the practice.

Twice in an year we indulge in a theme based workshop to explore / experience / re-invent design directions. Mostly a 2 day affair starts with a session to understand the theme and its parameters. Then we indulge in an intense time bound exercise to come with an architectural idea/solution. The workshop concludes with a group sharing where we discuss each others ideas. Its more like going back to the school.

A creative mind is not stream line to a specific field, it finds its place where there is room for freedom. It is true in more than one case at CnT, our small band is one of the example of such creative endeavor. People just jam after office hours and find ways to relax and enjoy.

CnT Movie club is the forum that enjoys art in the form of motion pictures. The Movie club screens a variety of films that which can generate discussion over a pint and some samosas. The Movie club ensures that CnT has a chance to unwind before the weekend begins, apart from dissecting the film shown. Often eclectic in taste, the movies allow CnTians another means of exposure to art and architecture.