A place that fosters fellowship and Networking in an atmosphere of intellectual vibrancy and excellence through preservation of culture to make a positive Impact on society. Given how the site slopes downwards, from the entry has been effectively employed to create a functional yet dramatic form within the stipulated height restrictions. The visitors are attracted inwards, onto the ‘Street of Impact’ that connects the entry to the amphitheater on the rear end of the site bi-furcating the site into two triangles. The larger triangle closer to the entry becomes the more prominent mass for the auditorium designed to house nearly 500 people at a time. The smaller triangle, was morphed into a much lighter form for office spaces. The office spaces are cantilevered at different levels tomeet the undulating roof of the auditorium, which is an accessible social space – the Garden of Collaboration.

Site : 26,522 SqFt
Built up Area : 45,430 Sq Ft
Completed : Un-Built

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