The challenge faced in this project was to create a shelter for the destitute, many of whom are chronically ill, or mentally or physically challenged. This task had to transcend the mere physical provision of shelter, and create a world where its inhabitants can gather, laugh, talk, rest, dance, sing, and pray. In response to this challenge, the building adopts a restrained expression that is closely integrated with the existing landscape. Trees and green spaces flow into the building, so that the dormitories open directly onto sheltered courtyards where the residents will be able to spend time in communion with nature and with each other. The design seeks to avoid dead corners, creating spaces that flow harmoniously into each other in a sense of openness and continuity. The quiet whiteness of the building, the weaving of landscape, sparks of colour, the sheltered spaces for gathering and the continuity of space come together to create a serene and joyous world for its residents.

Site : 1.0 Acres
Built up Area : 1,200 sq. mt.
Completed : 2013

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