The design simplifies into a more minimalist expression with an overriding theme of merging contemporary Omani architecture. The house responds to the airy and hot climate of Oman. Strong layering, strict geometry, materiality and belonging, enhances the existence of the building. Vaults being the most effective roof form in hot and arid climate avoids the concentrated sun rays hitting at the same point for a long time; by creating the volume, it brings in the importance to the spaces like living, dining and bedrooms. The thick walls in the periphery help in creating a thermal barrier for the house. All bedrooms open out to private courts / garden and are visually connected to the central courtyard with the pool. The wall between the living and dining is transparent enough that one can have the feel of the courtyard from the entrance. A sense of confined entry makes it more inviting.

Site : 1 Acre
Built up Area : 500 sq mt

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