The client's idea was to set up a corporate base for the largely manufacturing- oriented (DRL) Dr. Reddy's Laboratories pharmaceutical company. With an international clientele, the office was to project a global aura, while at the same time maintaining a local flavor. This core idea is reflected at various levels in details throughout the project. Whether in the climate responsivity of the overall planning or the selection of materials, like the clay-tile external cladding, the building responds to the local context, while at the same time satisfying international standards. The building is LEED Gold rated. The building is envisioned as a structure that is grounded by making it bottom heavy with a lighter top mass. Relief is provided by the voids that are sculpted within this mass at various levels. The design is envisioned as three separate masses that interweave around and over these central voids. The result is a series of office spaces at various levels branching off a central social street.
Site : 1.8 Acres
Built up Area : 13,900 sq mt
Completed : 2010

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