A competition for the design of the Aurobindo Pharma towers in the center of Hyderabad, India has declared CnT Architects as the winner. The 300-meter site is located in the center of Hitech City of Hyderabad. Option one divides the length of the building into three towers, with commercial and office floors separated by a middle zone. The middle zones serve as a connection zone between the towers, with the inclusion of wide, social staircases. Also providing a cafeteria and recreation floors, the middle zone is left transparent and protected from heat gain by mechanically operable louvers.
Option two scatters the cafes and conferences rooms across the floors along the exterior edge of the building. Various levels of transparency allow for external identification of the rooms. Moreover, this concept breaks the building into pieces. A collection of terraces forms outdoor social spaces toward the top of the building.

Site : 5 Acres
Built up Area : 1,60,000 sq mt
Competition Entry

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