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September 2016 :

Prem Chandavarkar will spend a four-week residency as the 2016 Walton Critic at The School of Architecture & Planning at The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. in the United States of America. The position entails a four-week residency within the graduate concentration of Cultural Studies and Sacred Space, directing a design studio and delivering two public lectures.

Past Walton Critics include architects Antoine Predock (2009), Craig Hartman (2010), Juhani Pallasmaa (2011), Alberto Campo Baeza (2012), Claudo Silvestrin (2013), Eliana Bormida (2014), and Michael J. Crosbie (2015).

July 2016 :
Exotica After the successful completion of Brigade Exotica's tower one, the topping out of tower two has finished and is nearing completion. The inauguration date will be announced soon.

IIM CnT's winning entry for an international competition held by Indian Institute Of Management Society, Thiruchirappalli for their permanent campus is reaching its completion stage and is going to be inaugurated soon.

Aurobindo CnT architects have recently won the competition entry for the corporate headquarters of Aurobindo Pharmacy. The five acres site is located in Hitec City, Hyderabad, with a built up area around 18 lac sq ft.

Vicky Vikram Desai, studio head at CnT architects presented his work at Zak World of Facades (largest conference series on facade design and engineering), explaining the importance of facade as a building envelope and its relationship with the context.

June 2016 :
Prem Prem Chandavarkar presented a paper on "The Utopia of Everyday" at the international symposium on "Utopia, Architecture and Spirituality" organized by The Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Forum at New Harmony, Indiana, USA from 23-26 June 2016.

March 2016 :
Prem Prem Chandavarkar joined the board of Directors of the newly appointed Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Forum, a non-profit based in the United States of America that seeks to provide an international forum for scholarship, research, education, practice, design and advocacy regarding the cultural and spiritual significance of the built environment.

February 2016 :
Koogu CnT Architects won the invited competition for IIT Alumni Centre at Bangalore.

January 2016 :
"Life and Work Under BAWA Umbrella" – Architect Kaushik Mukherjee from KMA ( shared his experience working in Sri Lanka and India through various projects that covered architecture, interior design and conservation.

December 2015 :
Koogu Katte 14 : Near the close of 2015, Sandbox Collective presented - "Koogu" - the critically acclaimed solo piece by Anish Victor - at CnT Katte.
What ensued was a provoking performance that stimulated rather interesting reactions.

November 2015 :
Prem Prem Chandavarkar's essay "Wonder, Wisdom and Master in Architecture" was published in the book, "Architecture, Culture and Spirituality" edited by Thomas Barrie, Julio Bermudez and Phillio J. Tabb, and published by Routledge.

October 2015 :
L.I.F.E. Katte 13 : Little Indian Family of Explorers (L.I.F.E.) as they call themselves so humbly, have done something incredible by touring in their Fiat Linea car for 111 days through 11 countries across 50 odd cities and 22780 kilometers from Bangalore to Paris. The family of four including two school going kids have shared their colorful LIFE enriching experiences in CnT Katte for the first time in public after they are back from Paris.

CMR University CnT Architects won the competition for CMR University, Bangalore.

ETH Prem Chandavarkar was invited to ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich). On 7th October, he delivered a lecture on "The City and the Right to Memory", organised by ETH Wohnforum - Centre for Research on Architecture Society & the Built Environment. On 8th October he participated in a panel discussion organised as an opening symposium for the exhibition on the work of Urban Think Tank.

September 2015 :
Mindtree Kalinga CnT Architects was felicitated by Odisha Chief Minister Sri Navin Patnayak during the dedication ceremony of Mindtree Kalinga facility for its contribution in creating a sustainable, sensible and community oriented architecture.

Katte 12 : Panel Discussion with  Neelkant Chhayya, Prem Chandavarkar and Sujith Nair. Held on 4th September 2015
Topic for discussion was "Death Of Theory". The discourse was around the relevance of 'Architectural Theory' in present practice. As invited audience we had Medappa , Smaran Mallesh, Vivek Shanker, Soumitro Ghosh, and Bijoy Ramanchandran.

July 2015 :
CnT Katte - hundredHands Katte 11 : Bijoy Ramachandran, Principal Architect of Hundred Hands.  Held on 24th July 2015
Bijoy spoke about "Culture of drawings and its relation with creation of architecture". His talk focused on the process of creating architecture and its primary tool for doing so 'Drawings'.

Monday Sharing Monday Sharing (with a difference). Held on 13th july 2015
Usual monday sharing is where one studio shares with rest of the office on a project they are working on, but on this particular Monday Sharing we had Subroto Bagchi, Chairman of Mindtree sharing his thoughts on what was been built at Mindtree Kalinga, Bhubaneswar..

May 2015 :
Mindtree Kalinga Video - Watch video "Mindtree Kalinga Rises - Creating Engineers for Tommorow" published by Mindtree Ltd. on Mar 17, 2015

Triveni Turbines - First phase of construction has started for industrial project "New Campus for Triveni Turbine Ltd" at Dabaspete.

IIA - Prem Chandavarkar delivered the keynote address on "Critical Fundamentals of Architectural Education" at an event organised by Indian Institute of Architects (Karnataka Chapter) in Bangalore on 15 May 2015.

April 2015 :
Mindtree Kalinga - The 1st Phase of Platinum rated 'Training facility campus' for the I.T firm MindTree at Kalinga, Bhubaneswar is scheduled for completion in May 2015.

  - Prem Chandavarkar will go on a lecture tour of the United States with lectures at Yale University, University of Florida, Harvard University, Catholic University of America, and University of Oregon.

March 2015 :
Z-Axis - Prem Chandavarkar was invited to deliver a lecture at The Z-Axis Conference, an international conference on urbanism with the theme “Great City…Terrible Place”, organised by The Charles Correa Foundation, Panaji, Goa.

360 Conference Mumbai - Prem Chandavarkar was invited to give a lecture at 361 Degrees Conference, Mumbai – an international event that features the works of architects from around the world.

February 2015 :
Skyline Synergy - Construction has begun for the 2,68,000 Sq.ft. residential apartment Skyline Synergy. It accommodates 141 dwelling units of 2BHK and 3BHK typologies.

January 2015 :
IIMT - Construction has begun for 12 lakhs Sq.ft campus for Indian Institute of Management at Thiruchirappalli (IIM), which are a group of public, autonomous institutes of management education and research in India.
The project will be completed in two phases. In the first phase administrative Block, Academic Block, Library, Hostels, Faculty housing, Director's Residence, Staff Houses would be taken up.

NCBS - A 1,20,000 sq.ft. residential campus for N.C.B.S. was completed in scheduled time. The faculty and the students of the institute now enjoy the serene green campus designed around the large trees that exist.

MIDAS - Prem Chandavarkar was invited to give a keynote lecture on “Critical Thinking in Architectural Design Education, and chaired a panel discussion on the same subject, at the National Convention of National Association of Students of Architecture, held at Marg Institute of Design & Architecture Swarnabhoomi, Chennai.